18 July 2014

The worst of CSGS 2014

Not really the worst, just the stuff that's not making it onto my main reel.
All the rigs I made for Chico State Game Studios in 2013-2014 (none of the models are mine)
Music by Liars.

28 April 2014

22 March 2014

Some kind of weird fighter

Sometimes it's a dumb fighting game and you're embarrassed by the animation because it's so rough, but don't worry cuz this is literally the zero-effort stuff and it's only there to make sure the animations work at the correct times.

Anyway, if you've got an android phone and want to trash it up with a seedy pre-alpha, give this thing a download.

20 February 2014

Orange photoshop puke

I had a few extra minutes, so I took a rig template I've been working on and made it 20% more artsy. There's probably some social commentary in there, too.

The original, for reference- SUPER LAME